Crop Top Trend

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Originally made popular by American Apparel, the crop top can elude some and excite others. We all grew up watching bared midriffs on the likes of Britney Spears and Madonna, but these sexy tops have begun to make a huge comeback for the Spring and Summer months. After all, one of the best ways to keep cool is to keep sexy!

American Apparel Crop Top

Crop tops have seen a major resurgence! Whether you call them belly tops, midriff shirts, or something else, they can accommodate every budget and body — across the board!

Crop tops Work With Every Body Type!

long-crop-top1) The long crop top

There are tops with a bit of a longer body, that hide a little more, but still add a little extra flair and sex appeal.

Bottoms up! How to rock them?

If they are fitted, they can be paired with high-waisted jeans or shorts. This will ensure that they bring a little extra coverage to the abdominal region, showing off just a touch of skin, a sexy belt. Channel the 80′s, and pair this high-waisted jean ensemble with a long chain necklace and flats, or make it modern with a maxi skirt and sandals.

fitted crop top2) Short Fitted Crop tops

The shorter crop tops are definitely made for the brave among us. They can come in tank top form, or t-shirt form. They tend to look better fitted on an hourglass figure, but if you want to balance a pear shaped body out, a loose one may work well for you.

Bottoms up! How to rock them?

Pair a loose top with well-fitting skinny jeans or high-waisted shorts, flats or sandals, and your favorite jewelry, and you’re in a great place for a sexy Spring fashion statement! Add wedges for a little extra sweet fashion drama!

3)Loose Crop tops

cami under crop topThis is for those of you who feel a little uneasy about showing off some skin, but still want the benefits that draping a loose crop top can provide, like balancing out a curvy figure, or simply looking stylish with a splash of color to your wardrobe!

Bottoms up! How to rock them?

A less revealing, yet fashionable way to wear it is to layer a crop top over a fitted camisole.  This is especially nice over cuffed skinny jeans, or shorts. A casual pencil skirt or dress can also be enhanced simply by adding a crop top! Try dressing down a fitting black strappy (or tube) dress by covering up with a loose crop top!

Truly, the crop top trend gives you options for showing exactly how much you want to show, to keep you comfortable, happy, and sexy!



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